10 Meter Semi-Anechoic Chamber



Semi-anechoic chambers are used to reduce the reflection, or “echo”, of sound or electromagnetic waves by absorbing them. What they simulate is a quiet, open spaces where exterior variables would otherwise affect test results. This project included construction of the building, but as an infill structure wrapped around an existing building to increase the testing capacity of the company.

We erected the 10-meter chamber within a building to provide environmental control and additional space for setup of the testing. It was shielded with ferrite tiled walls and included a turntable on the inside of the chamber to test emissions from a variety of directions, absorbing waves from 360 degrees without having to rotate the device through the tests. Building such a chamber required additional excavation in order to put the equipment below the floor level.



The excavation, steel shell of the building, and chamber were all required to be transported through a narrow drive aisle due to being an infill of an existing testing facility. My team and I worked with only five-foot setbacks against existing neighbors. Not only did this create maneuverability restrictions, but it very easily could have held up the project due to decreased construction-team and equipment traffic. Furthermore, the project required strict security and confidentiality due to a request by the client, which was obviously difficult due to the proximity of the site to its surroundings.


General Overview

A 10-meter semi-anechoic chamber is used to test compliance with radiation standards for consumer electronics. Considerable challenges were faced in regards to space for maneuverability, project confidentiality, and infill structure wrapping. Careful planning, diligence and proper execution allowed the project to be completed on time and under budget, with the chamber operating perfectly after being commissioned.